Late-Night Hosts Mock ‘Con-Artist’ Omarosa: ‘Liar and Backstabber with No Credibility’

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Late-night comedians mercilessly mocked former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman as she seeks to promote her unflattering new book about life in President Donald Trump’s White House

In her new book, Unhinged, the 44-year-old former reality star makes a number of bombshell claims, including that Trump is a racist who has previously used the N-word. The White House has dismissed her claims as that of a “disgruntled former employee,” while Trump described her as a “lowlife.”

However, Omarosa received zero sympathy from anti-Trump late-night comedians, many of whom chastised her for working for Trump in the first place.

“Yes. She’s a liar and a backstabber with no credibility—exactly like everyone else in the Trump administration,” said Late Show host Stephen Colbert.

“So don’t roll your eyes. The press can’t have it both ways! They can’t report on it and roll their eyes at the same time, okay? She’s not below anyone else in the White House,” he continued. “She and General Kelly may have completely different pasts, but they have exactly the same future. You can never scrub off the Trump stank.”

Meanwhile, the Late Show’s Seth Meyers suggested Omarosa was one of the many “con artists” Trump has surrounded himself with.

“Now that he’s bogged down in a ridiculous feud with an aide who’s as good as he is at orchestrating a reality show spectacle, Trump is suddenly slamming the credibility of somebody who was once one of his closest confidants,” Meyers said.

“You know what made Omarosa look legitimate? Putting her in the White House … I can’t wait until Trump’s forced to resign and President Mike Pence tweets, ‘Please ignore this disgruntled employee, he has no credibility!’

“This is what happens when you’re a con artist who surrounds himself with other con artists,” Meyers added. “You think you’re picking everyone else’s pockets and then one day you reach for your own wallet and it’s not there and you look up and Michael Cohen’s eating it.”

Over at The Daily Show, Trevor Noah expressed disbelief that Omarosa spent a year in the White House before choosing to publicly criticize Trump.

“Seriously, though? Omarosa had to spend a year in the White House to learn that Donald Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing? I can’t wait for her next book, Donald Trump: Something’s Wrong With His Hair.”

Jimmy Kimmel also made a short reference to Omarosa’s reported recordings of private conversations with the likes of White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly.

“If Omarosa was able to get secret recordings of Trump, Vladimir Putin knows every porn star name that he’s ever whispered,” Kimmel quipped.

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