Chelsea Handler Alleges Clarence Thomas Is a ‘Known Sexual Predator’


Failed Netflix talk show host and daily Twitter warrior Chelsea Handler jumped into the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation raucous with a Tweet apparently accusing Justice Clarence Thomas of being a “known sexual predator.”

Handler took to her Twitter account to insist that the nation does not need another “sexual predator” on the court and that Republicans “have no regard” for women.

“One known sexual predator on the Supreme Court isn’t enough for Republicans,” Handler tweeted on Thursday. “They want two. The president bragging about sexual assault isn’t an issue for them either. They have no regard for women. No regard for their daughters or wives.”

Handler’s attack on Kavanaugh, Thomas, and President Trump is of a piece with the left’s campaign to smear Clarence Thomas all over again. For instance, on Tuesday, ABC News’ chief political analyst Matthew Dowd also labeled Thomas a “sexual Predator,” despite the fact that the Justice was found not guilty of the sexual harassment charges he faced during his own confirmation hearings in 1991.

Indeed, the FBI took three days to investigate the allegations of sexual harassment submitted by Anita Hill and at the conclusion of that investigative review, the agency said that Hill’s charges were unfounded.

But Hill’s accusations were heard during the actual confirmation hearings, not afterward. Today, Democrats want Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations heard despite that the actual confirmation hearings are long over and despite that these sudden accusations of sexual assault were not made public for 35 years.

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