Cher: Can’t Wait Until the ‘White Men’ in Trump’s Cabinet ‘Go to Jail’

Singer Cher appears at Ultra Suede in West Hollywood, California on July 27, 2013. Cher ha
Frank Micelotta/Invision/AP Images

Far-left pop icon Cher exploded in a rant against President Donald Trump’s cabinet members, saying that she can’t wait until “they all go to jail.”

“Trump’s new Cabinet Are The Dregs of The Dregs Of The SWAMP,” Cher said. “They Are Ass [kissers] Who Know Nothing About Gov, Or Their Jobs‼️”

“These White Men Sat Around a Table,& Stared Breathlessly at trump like he was going To Donate a Kidney To One Of Them. I CANT WAIT TILL THEY ALL GO 2 JAIL”

Among the “white men” in Trump’s cabinet (takes notes, Cher) are an Asian woman, at least four white women, a black man, and a son of Cuban immigrants.
Cher’s comments came after President Trump called a White House cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

Like many of her fellow Hollywood stars, Cher routinely attacks the president. Last month, she called Trump a “liar, thug, crook, traitor” and accused him of ruining America.

“He & His Family Are So In Bed With Russia……Putin Puts Mints On Their Pillows,” the 72-year-old said.

In another unhinged social media post from November, she said that the president was a “LIAR, WHITE NATIONALIST, RACIST,TRAITOR,WHO’D HAVE PHOTO OP WITH HITLER,IF HE THOUGHT IT WOULD RALLY HIS BASE.”

The “If I Could Turn Back Time” singer also expressed support for former vice president Joe Biden last month, saying that she would want to see him run against Trump. The singer also said that Eric Swalwell or Kamala Harris would be good running mates for Biden.


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