Rob Reiner, Rosie O’Donnell Declare Trump ‘Evil’

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for DGA/AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

Left-wing actress Rosie O’Donnell slammed President Donald Trump as “evil” in a political painting seemingly inspired by progressive filmmaker Rob Reiner’s political rant posted to Twitter Tuesday.

O’Donnell posted the image without much context, writing  #evilTRUMP.

While it is not entirely known what she is specifically referring to, O’Donnell linked to a tweet from Hollywood filmmaker Rob Reiner, who posted a lengthy message, seemingly accusing the Trump administration of lying to the American people and providing “alternative facts” about the chaos unfolding on the southern border.

“You can lie all you want & try to gaslight the American people with alternative facts, but you will never be absolved of your cruelty. The trauma of ripping children from parents & forcing them into cages, living in filth, is just evil,” Reiner tweeted, adding the hashtag, #CloseTheCamps.

This is far from the first time O’Donnell and Reiner have taken aim at the president. Last month, Reiner begged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to take action on Trump, even floating imprisonment.

“We don’t have to choose between Impeachment & Prison,” he tweeted. “The preservation of Democracy & The Rule of Law requires both.”

Similarly, O’Donnell predicted Trump’s arrest in January.

“I think he’ll be arrested,” she told TMZ.

“I believe in America and I believe in our political system and I believe we will right the wrong of the tyranny of Donald Trump,” she added.

O’Donnell released another artistic creation of the president back in April, declaring him “done.”

Of course, the Mueller report virtually exonerated Trump, with former Special Counsel Robert Mueller confirming no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. He also did not suggest charging the president with obstruction.


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