Michael Moore Calls for Boycott of GM, Chrysler, Toyota over Trump Emissions Rules

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 28: Academy Award-Winning filmmaker and political icon Michael Moore i
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Left-wing documentary filmmaker and activist Michael Moore is calling for a boycott of General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, and Toyota after the automakers expressed support for President Donald Trump’s position on California’s odious fuel standards.

Moore is also demanding that the auto industry eliminate traditional, internal combustion engine cars.

“Friends — never, ever buy a car from these companies — and let them know it,” Moore said in a Twitter rant on Tuesday.

The three automakers filed papers in federal court this week seeking to join a lawsuit that the Trump administration is bringing against California over whether the state can set auto emission rules for itself and 13 other states that would be the strictest in the country.

They are being joined in their fight by Nissan, Mazda, Kia, and Hyundai.

The White House is arguing that individual states are prohibited  from imposing their own tailpipe emission standards and zero-emission vehicle mandates, and that policy should be set on a nationwide level.

In an industry split, automakers Ford, BMW, and Honda have declined to join the lawsuit, effectively siding with California.

Thirteen other states, including Washington D.C., have adopted California’s clean car standards: New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington, Vermont, New York, Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Colorado.

In his Twitter rant this week, Roger & Me director Moore blasted traditional automobiles as posing an existential threat to Earth and must be eliminated.

“All internal combustion engine cars are a threat to the planet and must be phased out ASAP,” he wrote. “Light rail, bullet trains, low/no emission buses, ride-sharing, less sprawl/vertical living, low-consumption neighborhoods and safe bicycle and walking paths, please.”

The Oscar-winning filmmaker praised Honda, Ford, and BMW for splitting with their competitors, saying that they “sided with Earth.”

Opponents of California’s auto standard say that it would hurt employment and competitiveness at a time when many manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas.

Moore once sided with autoworkers in his native Michigan. Roger & Me depicted the filmmaker’s efforts to track down former GM CEO Roger Smith after the company shut down factories in the city of Flint.

But the Fahrenheit 9/11 director has since become a vociferous climate change activist.

Moore blamed, in a separate Twitter rant last month, the Republican Party for bringing about the extinction of the human race.

“This party triggered our extinction by pushing a greed-based, climate-denying agenda.”

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