Celebs Crushed for ‘Cringeworthy’ PSA: ‘Terrible Lack of Diversity in This Video’

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The white Hollywood celebrities who starred in a recently released anti-racism PSA are getting blasted by progressive media members who’ve roasted the two-minute video as tone deaf and “incredibly cringeworthy.”

The all-white cast of the “I Take Responsibility” video being slammed as a “cringefest” includes actors Aaron Paul, Bryce Dallas Howard, Debra Messing, Kristen Bell, Julianne Moore, Justin Theroux, and Stanley Tucci. The PSA involved the celebrities apologizing for their own racism, claiming that they now “take responsibility” for “every unchecked moment,” and “every not so funny joke” regarding the subject.

“Terrible lack of diversity in this video,” said actor-comedian Ricky Gervais.

“Watch the eyes,” added actor James Woods. “Nothing screams sincerity like reading a teleprompter.”

“Hollywood Celebs ‘Take Responsibility’ for Racism in Incredibly Cringeworthy PSA,” read the headline from the left-wing Daily Beast on Thursday.

“The ‘I take responsibility’ thing? (God what a cringefest),” said historian Katrina Gulliver.

“Can y’all take responsibility instead of these performance pieces? ” added writer Tazeen. “Literally no one is impressed.”

“Oh no. I couldn’t make it through 15 seconds of this,” chimed in film and television writer Scott Tobias.

Check out some more of the reactions below:

“[E]very time a new PSA comes out [I] think of this [P]ortlandia sketch,” noted one Twitter user, who included a video clip of a skit from the comedy show, which begins with one individual stating, “some of us get paid to start a sentence,” before another says, “and the others get paid to finish it.”

Watch below:

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