John Cusack Lashes Out at DNC for ‘Sh**ty Celebrity Filled Reality TV Convention’: ‘RIP America’

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 04: Oren Moverman (L) and John Cusack attend Official Academy Screenin
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Actor John Cusack has broken ranks with fellow left-wing Hollywood elites by calling the hypocrisy of the Democratic National Convention, declaring it a “shitty celebrity filled reality TV convention.”

The Con Air star — who endorsed Bernie Sanders — blasted Democratic leadership for the convention’s much-criticized production values as well as its emphasis on Hollywood star power.

John Cusack tweeted on the fourth and final day of the convention: “Do ya think anyone at dnc entertained the idea – in removing a shitty reality tv star President – Ya might want to avoid presenting a slightly less shitty -but unmistakable Campy kitsch and yes shitty celebrity filled reality tv convention — This might not be a good idea ?”

He added: “It’s all showbiz — all the time. RIP America.”

The DNC relied heavily on Hollywood stars to keep up enthusiasm, with actresses Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kerry Washington, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Eva Longoria serving as emcees.  The convention also featured Pose actor Billy Porter performing a much-ridiculed version of the song “For What It’s Worth.”

John Cusack has waxed warm and cold toward Joe Biden. The left-wing actor praised Biden in April for possessing “basic morality” when it comes to supporting mail-in ballots. But later that month, Cusack called on Bernie Sanders to rescind his endorsement of Biden after New York state canceled its Democratic presidential primary due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Cusack has consistently attacked President Donald Trump, recently calling him the “Anti Christ for Dummies.” The actor also accused the president of  “gassing mothers” and “burning cities” during the recent Black Lives Matter riots.

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