Bradley Whitford: ‘The President of the United States is a Terrorist’

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Actor Bradley Whitford took to Twitter on Tuesday to proclaim that President Donald Trump is a “terrorist.”

“The President of the United States is a terrorist,” tweeted Whitford.

The Get Out actor’s comments arrive in the wake of a riot that transpired on Capitol Hill, which many are blaming the president for, as it occurred on the same day that he addressed a crowd at the Save America rally.

Currently, celebrities, politicians, and big tech companies are pushing a narrative that the president’s words “incite violence,” and are a threat to democracy — a narrative that is also being used by big tech companies to justify snuffing out their competition under the guise of having concern for the public’s safety.

Last week, Twitter permanently banned President Trump from its platform, and Mark Zuckerberg locked the president out of his Facebook and Instagram accounts “indefinitely.”

After the president’s ban from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Google, and Apple banned Parler — which many have been using as an alternative to Twitter — from their app stores, a move that effectively excluded the app from all Android and Apple smartphones.

Following Parler being banned from app stores, Amazon swiftly moved in to ban the site from its web hosting services, which knocked Parler offline until it can find another host.

As speech comes stifled on the internet, Democrats in Congress are calling for President Trump to be impeached and removed from office, claiming that the president “incited an armed insurrection against America.”

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