WATCH: NYC Woman Finds Hidden Apartment Behind Bathroom Mirror

 A New York City woman recently discovered a hidden room in her apartment and documented the drama in a series of TikTok videos.

“In the bone-chilling video, titled ‘A New York Mystery,’ the perplexed renter reveals that she had felt cold air blowing from her bathroom — despite the fact that it has no working vent,” the New York Post reported Thursday.

Samantha Hartsoe initially thought nothing of the breeze but decided to investigate when she realized the draft was coming from behind her bathroom mirror. In the video footage, Hartsoe removed the mirror and found a large hole, telling the friends with her, “There’s a room back there.”

She then donned a mask and attached a flashlight to a headband and crawled through the hole to the other side of the wall. Once inside, Hartsoe wandered around the hidden apartment and found various items such as a water bottle, trash bags, and boxes.

“Okay, so there’s signs of life,” she told viewers, adding later, “Wow, this is a whole other apartment.”

Once she exited the hidden dwelling, Hartsoe reassured her viewers she “Made it out alive.” As she put the mirror back on its wall, she said her landlord was getting “a really fun phone call tomorrow.”

YouTube users offered various explanations for the hidden unit, one calling it just a utility space for pipes, wires, and HVAC, while another found it unnerving.

“That… Would make my heart pound so hard, I’d run!” the person said.

An additional user compared Hartsoe’s experience to a 1992 horror movie, Candyman, in which a “murderous soul” is accidentally summoned by a grad student researching a myth about him.

“Candyman. This was literally a scene in candyman,” the person wrote.

However, one individual was not frightened at the discovery.

“Well looks to me that she is just going into someone else’s apartment. The fact it’s connected with her apartment isn’t really surprising. Is it?” the user commented.

In January, a New York City woman was discovered dead in her Staten Island apartment garbage chute.

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