US Army Mocked for Using Lana Del Rey Quote to Recruit: ‘Please God, Don’t Let China See This Tweet,’ Delete This S**t’

Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images/Twitter/USArmy
Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images/Twitter/USArmy

The U.S. Army is getting mercilessly mocked on Twitter for using a quote by pop singer Lana Del Rey as a means for recruitment. “We’re gonna lose a major war,” one user said. “Please God, don’t let China see this tweet,” said another.

“‘Being brave means knowing that when you fail, you don’t fail forever.’ -Lana Del Rey,” the U.S. Army tweeted on Saturday, along with an image of a female soldier crawling under barbed wire, through the dirt.

The public reacted by taking to Twitter, where they had a field day mocking the U.S. Army.

Others noted that the quote doesn’t appear to make sense when referring to the U.S. military.

“You are the army, failing literally means failing forever,” one Twitter user noted.

“Um I’m not sure that’s how it works in war,” another tweeted.

“When you fail at combat it kinda is forever,” another pointed out.

“There’s still time take this down,” another Twitter user wrote.

“Why are you quoting Lana Del Ray and not Julius Caesar or George Washington?” another inquired.

“delete this shit right now,” another demanded.

“Is this how we announce we’ve surrendered to Russia?” one Twitter user asked.

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