Matthew McConaughey Faces Backlash After Calling for Gun Control at WH Briefing: ‘Don’t Lecture Us’


Actor Matthew McConaughey is facing heavy backlash after endorsing gun control laws, arguing they are an “acceptable sacrifice” for supporters of the Second Amendment.

The actor — famous for wielding weapons in movies such as The Gentleman, Reign of Fire, and Sahara — also spoke at a White House press briefing on Tuesday, where he called for red flag law, raising the age to purchase an AR-15 rifle to 21, and background checks.
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“Uvalde, Texas, is where I was born,” McConaughey said. “Uvalde is where I learned responsible gun ownership, and Uvalde called me on May 24, when I learned the news of this devastating tragedy.”

“We need responsible gun ownership,” McConaughey affirmed. “We need background checks. We need to raise the minimum age to purchase an AR-15 rifle to 21. We need a waiting period for those rifles. We need red flag laws, and consequences for those who abuse them.”

“I don’t disagree with him on mental illness, family values, school security. But we HAVE background checks, waiting periods DON’T work, ‘red flag law’ is another way to say ‘remove due process,’ & average age of mass killers is 33,” Dana Loesch pointed out.

Others also took to Twitter to slam the actor for his comments at the White House press briefing.

Others pointed out that while McConaughey claims to be against dead children, the actor opposed pro-life legislation in Texas — like so many other celebrities clamoring for the right of women to kill their unborn children.

“Matthew McConaughey is fine with killing millions of children by abortion,” another Twitter user reacted.

“@McConaughey is a pos liberal who pushes abortions and wants to take your guns,” another tweeted.

“Wow it was so brave of Matthew McConaughey to be against dead kids. Now ask him about abortion,” another quipped.

“Matthew McConaughey said, ‘We have a life preservation issue’ as he speaks on gun control. Totally agree. Mat, can you throw something in on stopping abortion also since we have that issue of life preservation,” another wrote.

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