50 Cent Tells Joe Biden to ‘Get the F**k Up’ from Beach Vacation Amid Israel Turmoil

JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images/Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic
JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images/Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Rapper 50 Cent publicly scolded President Joe Biden for vacationing at the beach while the Middle East teeters on the brink of war.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, 50 Cent shared a report of Biden relaxing at the beach amid the Congressional chaos and Israel’s war against Hamas following a string of terrorist attacks, which killed around 1,200 Israelis, most of whom were civilians.

“Hey Joe get the fvck up, we in trouble man!” 50 Cent captioned the post.

As the Daily Mail reported, the president and the first lady were seen at “his Rehoboth Beach, Delaware home as the crisis continues in the Middle East and chaos over House speakership has left Congress unable to help.”

The 80-year-old president is coming off a whirlwind trip to Israel Wednesday where he spent seven hours on the ground, meeting with Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu and those directly impacted by Hamas’ horrific October 7 terror attack.

On Friday, prior to heading to the beach, Biden entertained the European Union’s leaders, President Charles Michel of the European Council and President Ursula von der Leyen of the European Commission.

On Friday, following his trip to Israel, President Joe Biden addressed the nation wherein he tied aid to Israel with aid to Ukraine in its ongoing war with Russia.

“You know, the assault on Israel echoes nearly 20 months of war, tragedy, and brutality inflicted on the people of Ukraine, people that were very badly hurt since Putin launched his all-out invasion,” he said.

“We have not forgotten the mass graves, the bodies found bearing signs of torture, rape used as a weapon by the Russians, and thousands and thousands of Ukrainian children forcibly taken into Russia, stolen from their parents,” he added.

Joel B. Pollak / Breitbart News

President Biden also likened Hamas to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“They both want to completely annihilate a neighboring democracy, completely annihilate it. Hamas to sustain a purpose for existing is a destruction of the State of Israel and the murder of Jewish people,” he said.

“Meanwhile, Putin denies Ukraine has or ever had real statehood. He claims the Soviet Union created Ukraine. And just two weeks ago, he told the world that if the United States and our allies withdraw, and if the United States withdraws, our allies will as well,” he added.

Editor’s Note:  This story was updated to reflect a revised number on the death toll from the October 7 Hamas attack in Israel.  The Israeli government estimate of 1,400 was revised to around 1,200, according to Reuters.

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