Mia Khalifa Whines About Israeli Diss Track; Steals ‘Genocide’ Claim

Mia Khalifa (Edward Berthelot / Getty)
Edward Berthelot / Getty

Former porn star Mia Khalifa, who celebrated the October 7 Hamas terror attack, is complaining about an Israeli hip-hop song mocking her and other celebrities who have backed violent Palestinian extremists against innocent Israeli civilians.

As Breitbart News reported, Khalifa was delighted at the sight of Palestinian gunmen on their way to murder Israeli civilians on October 7:

In a series of Twitter/X posts on Saturday, Mia Khalifa — who has called Israel an apartheid state for years — emphatically expressed support for the terrorist attacks in Israel, despite the perpetatros’ targeting of civilians, to the point of calling one image of the aggressors a “Renaissance painting.”

Khalifa also shared a post from Sana Saeed, who boasts 110,000 followers, who said, “Walked through Istanbul markets today with a Palestinian friend. Whenever we were asked (by Syrians, Turks) where we were from & she said ‘Falasteen’, it was met with applause, fists in the air and prayers for liberation. A surreal day.”

Another post she shared from Yusuf said, “What’s happening in Palestine right now is absolutely unprecedented. I pray with all my heart that they succeed. For the sake of the Palestinians back home, those in the diaspora, and all other colonized peoples.”

Khalifa, model Bella Hadid, and singer Dua Lipa — all of whom have been hostile to Israel — were the targets of mockery in a new Israeli hip-hop song, “Harbu Darbu,” which praises the Israeli military and calls out terrorist leaders: “Every dog has its day.”

As Breitbart News noted:

A new song, “Harbudarbu,” by Israeli hip-hop duo Ness Ve Stilla, celebrates the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) while calling out Hamas, Hezbollah, and an array of anti-Israel celebrities.

The song has taken off since its release in Israel, and represents the deep support that the Israeli military has among the public. The chorus name-checks virtually every major unit in the IDF: “Golani, Nahal, Shirion [armor], Givati, Navy, Air Force, Artillery, Paratroopers,” and a variety of others.

The track also refers specifically to the victims of the October 7 terror attack, and hints at revenge, including writing the names of child victims on shells to be dropped on Hamas in Gaza.

The song is also a diss track, calling out specific terrorist leaders, then “Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, Mia Khalifa” — all celebrities who have backed the Palestinian side and/or Hamas specifically against Israel.

Anti-Israel activists — none of whom apparently speak Hebrew — have falsely claimed the song calls for the murder or “genocide” of the Palestinian people. It does call for military action against Hamas, but the reference to Khalifa is whimsical. Even the reference to Bella Hadid is a play on words: the song refers to her as “Machabella,” which is similar to the word for “terrorist.”

Khalifa, referring to the false “genocide” claim, complained that the song is asking the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to kill her.

She also claimed that the “drill beat” of the song was stolen — a frequent theme in antisemitic attacks on Israel, since pro-Palestinian activists often deny the Jewish roots of Israeli culture, claiming it is entirely borrowed from other cultures.

Ironically, the claim of “genocide” itself is an appropriation of the actual Jewish experience of genocide, which Palestinian activists have long coveted, since they believe it is the only reason Israel exists. Khalifa has thus stolen “genocide” from the victims — not just of the Nazis, but of Hamas’s genocidal ideology, which explicitly seeks to murder all Jews in the world.

Update: In a response to Khalifa, MC Stilla responded with a simple retort on Instagram on Sunday: “What an idiot you are.”

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