Nolte: Cable TV Deathwatch — Disney ‘Dramatically Reduces’ TV Content

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The Disney Grooming Syndicate has announced it will “reduce pretty dramatically our investment in [linear TV] content specifically aimed at those traditional networks.”

The death of cable/satellite TV is good for America. For five decades, cable TV has served as an affirmative action program for left-wing Hollywood where merit no longer mattered. You see, these multinational studios get paid from cable/satellite TV no matter what. Instead of making money off of advertising revenue based on the number of viewers (merit), they are paid based on the number of people who merely subscribe to their shitty networks.

In other words, if you’re still dumb enough to pay for cable TV, you are funding people who hate you without ever watching their networks. If CNN, MTV, Comedy Central, the Disney Channel, and dozens of networks are merely available on your package, these networks automatically receive a piece of your cable bill—hence, affirmative action.

If you want to know why so much of TV is so awful, insulting, gay, and dogmatic, this is why. Once you remove merit, Hollywood can insult you all day long, and you pay them for the privilege.

Streaming is an entirely different animal. You must want to watch that content to subscribe to it. For the last five years, Hollywood believed people would still pay for awful, insulting, gay, and dogmatic programming, which is why these streaming services lost billions. Disney+ alone has lost $4 billion after just a few years in operation.

As previously reported, that’s all changing.

The loss of cable TV for the studios cannot be understated. As millions of smart people cancel their cable every year and migrate to streaming, studios like the Disney Grooming Syndicate lose hundreds of millions in free cable TV money. The last I looked, the Disney Channel wasn’t able to attract more than 100,000 viewers. That doesn’t matter when you are paid off of the number of people with access to the Disney Channel. If 60 million households have the Disney Channel on their cable package, Disney could be making $30 to $60 million a month —a month!— on a channel no one watches. That doesn’t include the money Disney makes off a dozen or so other networks no one watches. Do the math. We’re talking billions of annual dollars for networks no one watches.

Ah, but as people cancel their cable packages, Disney loses that free money, and the good news is that it now appears as though we have reached the point I’ve been waiting for—the point where all the free money made from cable TV isn’t enough to make the cost of producing all that programming (no one watches).

Variety reported:

Disney CEO Bob Iger said that as the traditional pay-TV universe continues to shrink, the company is cutting its investment in programming for linear entertainment TV networks while amortizing overall content spending across streaming platforms.

The strategy is “to reduce pretty dramatically our investment in content specifically aimed at those traditional networks,” Iger said Wednesday at MoffettNathanson’s 2024 Media, Internet and Communications Conference in New York. The conclusion Iger reached after reviewing Disney’s TV business when he returned as CEO in the fall of 2022 was that “it’s not a growth business, but it could become an important component to our ability to basically engage with the consumer.”

The affirmative-action days of cable TV are coming to an end. All these left-wing fascists can do to make a profit now is cut costs and staff. Disney already laid off 7,000 people who hate us.

That leaves what…?


And what is the only way a corporation like Disney can make money off streaming?

By producing content people actually want to watch.

Change or die, Hollywood.

Personally, I don’t care what they choose.

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