WATCH: Bull Elk Rings Doorbell of Colorado Home with Antler

Footage captured the moment a bull elk rang the doorbell of a Colorado home using an antler.

Leslie Jonell and her friends were enjoying a girls’ weekend at her mother’s home in Estes Park in mid-November when the bull elk rang the bell, 9 News reports.

The video shows the elk bowed below the Ring video doorbell camera before moving its head, causing one of its antlers to hit and ring the bell. After checking to see if anyone was home, the elk moseyed over to a wreath on the front porch and proceeded to sniff it.

Homeowner James Jonell said the elk had bent down to eat potted flowers on the porch when he inadvertently hit the bell in the November 13 video, according to Yahoo.

Upon hearing the ring, the women checked the video footage and discovered the large visitor, 9 News reports. The outlet called the ordeal “The Most Colorado Thing We Saw Today.”

The elk mating season typically occurs between mid-September and mid-October, and Estes Park is one of the most well-known locations to witness the rut and listen to the bugling, according to CBS Denver.  The state has 280,000 elk which is the largest population in the world.

Storyful Rights Management posted the video to YouTube and credited the footage to James F. Jonell.

“Did this elk just ring the bell of this house? Wtf lol!!” one user commented. “He was like “hello, anyone home? I need something to munch on!”

Another YouTube user wrote, “Whew! That’s a mighty big visitor! I suppose that he assumed that no one was home!” 


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