'Gay Marriage Doesn't Advance Equality' says Gay Journalist

'Gay Marriage Doesn't Advance Equality' says Gay Journalist

A journalist for the Daily Mail who is “proud of his own civil partnership”, has argued that the same-sex marriage legislation which came into force in the United Kingdom today does “not advance the cause of equality”. 

Andrew Pierce said that “the Government has served up a shoddy, second-class matrimonial offering” with the passage of the same-sex marriage bill. 

He wrote: “Although I am gay myself, I have been a long-standing critic of gay marriage and personally I have no interest in marrying my partner” and went on to say, “Heterosexual, married politicians like David Cameron saw a cynical opportunity to burnish their touchy-feely, liberal credentials by pushing for gay marriage.” 

“In doing so,” he wrote, “they not only offended millions of people by arrogantly redefining the meaning of the relationship between a man and a woman that has been the bedrock of society for thousands of years.” 

Pierce added: 

“Mr Cameron could easily have avoided the quagmire of gay marriage, while promoting true equality for gay couples, by bolstering the rights of those who enter civil partnerships.Yet that would not have sounded sufficiently dramatic for a Tory leadership obsessed with appeasing the chattering classes.In fact, the introduction of gay marriage was, politically, a disastrous miscalculation. The effect on the recruitment and retention of Tory Party members has been calamitous. It has cost the party thousands of votes and gained none.”

You can read the whole of Pierce’s article at the Daily Mail website.