Cameron: I'm Continuing Jesus's Work

Cameron: I'm Continuing Jesus's Work

British Prime Minister David Cameron has claimed he is continuing the work of Jesus Christ, after stating that the Christian prophet “invented the Big Society” – the name of Cameron’s flagship policy.

Cameron’s words came just hours after he accepted the resignation of embattled minister Maria Miller. He hosted an Easter reception at 10 Downing Street last night, where a singer delivered an awkwardly timed rendition of “Ave Maria”. The Prime Minister apparently had no comment to make on the choice of hymn.

Bloomberg News reported: “It is the case that Christians are now the most persecuted religion around the world,” Mr Cameron said. “We should stand up against persecution of Christians and other faith groups wherever and whenever we can.”

The Prime Minister said: “The Bible tells us to bear one another’s burdens. After the day I’ve had, I’m definitely looking for volunteers.”

“Jesus invented the Big Society 2,000 years ago; I just want to see more of it,” he said. “If there are things that are stopping you from doing more, think of me as a giant Dyno-Rod” to clear the drains.

His invocation of Christianity may displease some, especially the Tory grassroots and Christian activists who have argued that Cameron’s relentless pursuit of the same-sex marriage legislation both led to a decline in Conservative Party membership and has damaged the institution of marriage.

It is not the first time Cameron has spoken about Jesus and policy-making in the same sentence. In 2011, Labour MP Chris Bryant lashed out after Cameron told church leaders that they would be “absolutely right” in stating that Jesus invented the Big Society.

Bryant said at the time: “It’s ­ludicrous and offensive for ­Cameron to try to recruit Jesus to the Tory cause. He is just using decent people in the church and charities to mask the unfair way he’s cutting services for the vulnerable.”