Labour To Set Up Political 'Attack Unit' With Former Obama Aide Axelrod

Labour To Set Up Political 'Attack Unit' With Former Obama Aide Axelrod

Britain’s Labour Party will set-up a political “attack unit” to hit back at Conservative Party criticism of their leader, similar to the one created by Barack Obama in 2012. The Independent reportthat the party is preparing for a “dirty war” at the General Election next year – and Obama’s key campaign strategist David Axelrod is set to be behind it all.

The new plans will be discussed in Chicago this week between Labour’s election strategist Michael Dugher MP and Axelrod. Dugher will also meet other representatives from Mr Axelrod’s company ‘AKPD’, including Mike Donilon and Larry Grisolano, both of whom will work for Labour.

Labour’s plan is to increase media monitoring and give instant rebuttals to attacks on the party and Miliband by the press. Labour insists that this is not an opportunity to “match smear with smear” or to launch a “class war”.

However, the party are no strangers to smears having constantly attempted to highlight the wealth of both David Cameron and George Osborne. The coalition government is accused of being a “cabinet of millionaires” by Labour, despite widespread suspicions that Miliband is himself a millionaire.

Mr Dugher will meet with officials in Washington D.C. on Wednesday and Thursday this week. They will also include rebuttal techniques and advertising with Jim Margolis, another political consultant who worked on the Obama campaign in 2012. 

He will also hold meetings with Media Matters for America, an Internet-based, Left-wing group which monitors material in print, broadcasts and online.

Mr Dugher said: “We know the Tories and some of their friends in the media are intent on making this a nasty, negative and personal campaign against Labour and prominent Labour people.

“We are absolutely determined to call out our opponents when they distort the truth or smear Labour people – and there’s much we can learn from the masters of media and online rebuttal in the US.”