Poll On the Most Annoying European Union Rules

Poll On the Most Annoying European Union Rules

A new poll has been launched to work out which is the most hated EU directive. The poll was originally by Slovak economist Richard Sulik, but The Reference Frame blog has helpfully translated it.

On entering the site readers are given a list of 20 absurd European Union rules. These range from the ban on high powered vacuum cleaners, to the ban on conventional light bulbs, and then onto the idea to put cameras in the cabins of cars.

All of this has been put together ahead of the European Elections on 22nd May in the United Kingdom. Other countries within the EU go to the polls on slightly different days and the results will be announced on the 25th.

At present plans to censor the World Wide Web are polling as the most annoying thing, with 15 percent of the vote. This is closely followed by an order that prevents the EU from claiming that water combats dehydration, even though dehydration translates to “lack of later”.

In third place was the ban on conventional light bulbs. The ban did not include an exception for people who had medically proved eye conditions that meant they could not use energy saving bulbs.

You can enter the poll here.

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