Farage: We Saved Europe by Arms, Now We Must Save Europe by Example

Farage: We Saved Europe by Arms, Now We Must Save Europe by Example

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has declared that Britain must endeavour to “save Europe” once again, this time not by arms, but by example in exiting the “failed project” that is the European Union.

Writing for ConservativeHome today, Farage has outlined why he believes that Britons should vote for UKIP in 6 days time at the European Elections: 

“If  believe [sic] that Britain would be better off out of the European Union and restored as a self-governing nation then of course you should vote UKIP next week. It really is as simple as that,” he begins.

Farage and his party, who has come under increased scrutiny in recent weeks, remains confident that UKIP can “win” the European elections despite a slight stagnation, or even dip in polling, depending on which results you look at. 

Farage wrote: “In previous, bloodier times, Britain saved Europe by force of arms. UKIP believes it is Britain’s destiny now to save Europe through the force of our example. By leaving and prospering, we can strike a decisive blow against those who are determined to create a superstate.

“We can show that having your own currency able to find its equilibrium value on international exchanges, and having the right to set your own interest rates and strike your own trade deals, are essential components of a nation’s economic well-being.”

Yesterday, a YouGov poll put Labour back in front on 28 points, with Farage’s party behind them on 25. The polling company ComRes however maintains that amongst people who have said they are 100 percent certain to vote, UKIP still holds the cards, with 34 percent saying they would vote UKIP, 24 percent saying Labour, and just 22 percent and 8 percent for the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats respectively. 

Playing to the notionally conservative readership on ConHome, Farage said: “The truth is that David Cameron and his gang sold-out conservatism and bought into Blairism at exactly the wrong time – just before all the underlying weaknesses in the New Labour project brought it crashing down.

“Next Thursday is your free hit against a deeply complacent and craven political establishment that is wedded to outdated ideas that are failing the British people and disgracing the British nation. Give us your vote – or just lend us your vote, and you will help us create the earthquake that British politics so badly needs.”

Farage was also alert to the fact that many voters who choose UKIP next Thursday may revert to the Conservative Party in next year’s general election. 

In an effort to keep Labour leader Ed Miliband out of power, a significant percentage of UKIP’s vote is expected to return to the Conservative Party – though far less than the 2009 European Parliament/2010 General Election return.

In 2009, UKIP took 17 percent of the vote in the European Elections, and just 3 percent in the national elections. A recent poll showed that UKIP’s vote may be ‘hardening’, and that many voters will stay with the party this time, rather than heading back to the Conservatives. Nevertheless, Farage said he was “happy to accept [Tory] support on the former terms”. 

“I appreciate that many of you who intend to vote UKIP next week also intend to return to the Tory fold at the general election next year. I am quite happy to accept your support on such terms, although naturally I shall also be trying to persuade you that what you might be regarding in advance as the electoral equivalent of a one night stand could easily develop into a fruitful long-term relationship. But that is a conversation for another day.”