Farage: I Will Destroy the Tories, then Retire from Politics

Farage: I Will Destroy the Tories, then Retire from Politics

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has vowed to destroy Britain’s Conservative Party and found a new right-wing political party in Britain. After helping Britain exit the European Union, he said in an interview with the Daily Mail, he will quit politics.

The interview comes just hours before Britain learns whether or not Farage’s UK Independence Party (UKIP) triumphed against Labour and the Conservative Party in the European Elections. On Thursday night, Britain learned that UKIP had made significant inroads into local councils in the UK, and party leaders are becoming increasingly concerned as to the party’s performance in the General Election next year.

Farage, speaking to the Mail, said that a similar situation to Canada could occur in Britain, where the right-wing Conservative Party split, leading to a number of different movements, eventually culminating in the leadership of right-wing rebel Stephen Harper.

“They called him a Right-wing extremist, a nutter, away with the fairies, he’ll never get anywhere and what happens? They won one by-election, a schoolmistress way out West, who resisted every bribe and temptation to rejoin the Conservative Party.

“Now you have a Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, who was first elected on a Reform ticket, as were half the Cabinet.

“Don’t think this can’t happen here. The public want something different. We are catalysing a big change in British politics on fundamental issues that have been brushed under the carpet and ignored by a completely out-of-touch career political class for too long.”

“If I want to get this country out of the EU, I have got to change the position of the Labour Party on the referendum. If you accept it is impossible for Cameron to win a majority on his own, there could be a UKIP-Tory coalition after the election. Who knows? If it looks less and less likely that Miliband can form a majority without a referendum pledge, he’ll do it.”

“I will consider my job’s done [when Britain leaves the EU] and I would be very happy to hand over to people who might be very good at running the country. I’m in politics because I want to change things, not because I want a career. I don’t want to do this for ever, I don’t want to sit here in ten years’ time, I want to be doing something else by then, in the media, radio, writing, hopefully enjoying myself.”