MP Claims 1500 British Nationals Fighting Jihad For ISIS

MP Claims 1500 British Nationals Fighting Jihad For ISIS

At least 1500 British militants have fought for the jihadi group ISIS according to a Labour MP. Khalid Mahmood MP says that young men are being radicalised at events like “pop-up restaurants” according to the Sun.

As reported on Breitbart London security services had previously thought the number was 400 – 500. The radicals were described as the “biggest threat to national security in decades” by the Prime Minister. This was quickly followed by a call from the British ISIS fighter, known as Abu Rashash Britani, for David Cameron to be beheaded. 

The Brits are fighting to create a radical Islamic Caliphate in parts of Syria and Iraq. Their military campaign has proved remarkably successful and they now control large swathes of both countries. Leading to fears that well trained extremist will return to the UK and commit acts of terror.

In further bad news security experts have claimed that as many as 300 have slipped back into the UK and are not being monitored. Richard Barrett, a former head of counter-terrorism at MI6, estimated “up to 300 people have come back to the UK” he warned it would be “impossible” for intelligence services to track them.

Their activities are likely to be aided by the millions they have looted from cities they have conquered. Including around £250m they have taken from Iraqi banks.

Mahmood warned: “Some of them go out there for nine months, some go out there for a year, some will just go out for six months or so. I imagine 1,500 certainly would be the lower end.

“So we need to bolster border controls in order to ensure that we see the people coming through and deal with them.”

The world was shocked when a video emerged of Reyaad Khan and Nasser Muthana both 20 from Cardiff, Wales talking about the fight for ISIS. It is now believed that his Nasser’s younger Aseel is the youngest British fighter at just 17 years old. In another video a radical called Abdul Raqib Amin from Aberdeen was filmed asking British Muslims to join the fight.

A total of 50 British nationals have been arrested for offences related to assisting with terror in Syria, but this may be the tip of the iceberg. The government has enacted travel bans on British nationals attempting to get to the fight, and those attempting to return.

Unfortunately sophisticated terror groups have been able to get past British border security which has suffered significant problems in recent years. The Home Secretary has pledged to stiffen border controls whilst the security service MI5 is desperately working to remove extremist material from social media. However, due to the nature of sites like Twitter information can be disseminated very quickly.


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