British Man Builds Giant Fart Machine, Aims It At France

British Man Builds Giant Fart Machine, Aims It At France

An inventor from Stamford in Lincolnshire has embarked on a project to build the world’s biggest fart machine – and then aim it straight at France. Colin Furze plans to place the machine on top of the white cliffs of Dover so that the French can hear it 21 miles away.

The bizarre invention will employ a giant pulse valveless engine, similar to those used in the Nazi V2 rockets. The noise that will be produced is meant to sound a bit like flatulence, so Furze says he thought it would be a good idea to house it in by specially constructed buttocks so that anyone looking through binoculars from France could see it.

The machine should also create a jet of fire when it is turned on later today. Building the machine was featured on two youtube videos, detailing a Furze’s attention to detail and build quality that might be unexpected for such an odd idea.

Mr Furze, who is a plumber by day, has a solid track record of building bizarre and ultimately useless inventions. His previous inventions include a pair of pneumatic ‘Wolverine’ claws, magnetic ‘Magneto’ shoes, hand-mounted ‘Pyro’ flame-throwers (inspired by the X-Men films), a 50 mph baby pram, and a fire-spurting mobility scooter.

The British inventor’s crazy antics and odd inventions have earned him over half a million youtube subscribers. It is unclear how popular his channel will be in France after his latest stunt. His latest creation will be turned on at a beach near Folkestone Caravan club later today.


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