It's Tech September: Get Ready for Huge Technology Announcements this Month

It's Tech September: Get Ready for Huge Technology Announcements this Month

After the typical summer’s 10 week pause in tech news it’s time to fasten your seat belts kiddies because here we go! 

September begins the Christmas selling season (yes, really, we’re all Americans now) and so get ready for a huge pile of shiny new tech kit to spend your hard earned money on. I’m guessing come October, that you don’t want to be the only kid at the table with last year’s iPhone, Galaxy, etc, so get out your wallet. It’s time to spend!

So what do we have to look forward to and what should you buy:

September 3rd: Samsung once again debuts new devices. This time it’s the Note 4 – the dinner plate sized ‘phone’ that sells remarkably well in the geekster community. Equipped with a stylus it’s great for note taking and the new wave version of drawing on a bar napkins. Samsung’s sales have dropped recently, so they need a new flagship device to come along soon. The Note may just be the kicker they need.  

I’m sure we’ll also see the just announced Galaxy Gear smartwatches from Samsung. If you just have to be able to dial up the weather, respond to texts or say ‘OK Google” on your wrist you might want to check them out. Gimmicks for sure, but they actually are mildly useful. 

September 4th: One of the best but least profitable Android phone builders has a blockbuster planned and will announce the Moto 360 smartwatch, as well as the excellent Moto G 2 and Moto X+1 smartphones.  The Moto 360 is a round (shock!) smartwatch that we have anticipated for six months. Will anyone get the smartwatch right? We’ll see what the 360 has on offer. And for those Android phone lovers but Samsung haters (me) the new G2 and X+1 should be great phone upgrade options for whatever you have in your pocket today.

September 9: Here it is. The muth-ah announcement of the season. The iPhone Six. But with two phones in the pipeline (a 4.7 and a 5.5 inch) what will they call them? What colour will they come in? The good news is Apple will finally release a phone normal adults can see with their aging eyesight. 

The most important question is after years of Apple apologists telling us how they loved their small screen phones and how they love the fact they could jam them into the front pocket of their skinny jeans – how will they explain their new found love for the big screen iPhone? The question of the season, indeed.

Apple, seriously, is positioned to hit one for six here and really take premium phone sales to the next level. With a larger screen and a new iOS 8 that finally supports the features that us Android fans have long touted, Apple’s 4th quarter sales will be off the charts.

I’ll report in detail on these events as they happen in the coming weeks, and there’s even more with iPad and Nexus announcements in planned for October!



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