Tory MP Andrew Bridgen Launches Anti-Semitic Attack at 'Jewish Lobby'

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen Launches Anti-Semitic Attack at 'Jewish Lobby'

A Conservative Member of Parliament has launched a scathing, anti-Semitic attack on pro-Israel groups in the United States during a Backbench Business Debate in Britain’s House of Commons this evening.

Andrew Bridgen, who was accused of sexual assault in 2011, made the statement as he indicated that he was set to support a motion proposed by notorious anti-Israel MPs recognising the State of Palestine. The vote passed by 274 in favour to 12 against, and Mr Bridgen’s comments were picked up by commentators online as being deeply anti-Semitic in their tone.

He said, in one intervention in the chamber: 

“Does my hon. Friend agree that, given that the political system of the world’s superpower and our great ally the United States is very susceptible to well-funded powerful lobbying groups and the power of the Jewish lobby in America, it falls to this country and to this House to be the good but critical friend that Israel needs, and this motion tonight just might lift that logjam on this very troubled area?”

Mr Bridgen’s comments give fuel to the anti-Israel lobby in the UK, and echo statements made by a number of anti-Semites. 

According to the European Monitoring Centre’s definition on Anti-Semitism, equating the actions of the State of Israel with Jewish people as a race is classed as anti-Semitism. 

It is not yet clear whether Mr Bridgen misspoke, or whether he believes the sentiments to be true. If it is indeed the latter, he joins the ranks of David Ward MP, Grahame Morris MP, Baroness Jenny Tonge and George Galloway MP for making anti-Semitic comments and conflating the “Jewish lobby” and the State of Israel.


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