Katie Hopkins Defends Free Speech Record as Police Complaint Made

Katie Hopkins

Popular twitter troll and Sun columnist Katie Hopkins has accused Rochdale Labour MP Simon Danczuk of using the police as a smokescreen to deflect attention from his own problems, after he reported her to the police for hate speech.

Speaking at a Sun event last night Hopkins said Danczuk, who she likened to a schoolboy running to “tell teacher”, only resorted to reporting her to the police several days after a very public twitter spat because a national newspaper had revealed his alleged taste in hardcore pornography. She said: “It might just be my hunch but I think it might be to do with the fact that he’s been favouriting porn sites, and that actually a large part of his constituents are Pakistani and he needs to win that vote”.

Discussing her widely debated opinions and proclamations, Hopkins insisted that while she said things others didn’t agree with, she didn’t mind and having the courage to stand up for controversial points was important to help maintain freedom of speech. Answering an audience question at the Q&A session, Hopkins said: “while I have strong opinions on everything, I really value the fact that other people don’t have those.

“I don’t require that anybody agree with me, I don’t request that anyone share my point of view. I merely say it , and then I’m completely happy that people think I’m morally abhorrent”.

Breitbart London reported yesterday how Danczuk, who is hoping to be re-elected to Rochdale in Greater Manchester, posed with a large Pakistani flag being flown at Rochdale’s town hall last week. The town, in common with a number of English cities has struggled with the fallout of high-profile prosecutions of predominantly Pakistani child-rape gangs.

Danczuks’s drive for votes in the community, despite his tough words earlier in the year, clearly riled Hopkins, as was amply demonstrated in a series of tweets, one of which included the mugshots of a group of convicted Pakistani Rochdale residents.

Danczuk struck back yesterday, penning an opinion piece in The Independent. Kicking off his article with the “I’m a strong champion of free speech, but” platform, Danczuk, the sometime Breitbart London writer and husband to equally notorious Twitter personality Karen, accused Hopkins of “hateful intolerance, which puts people in danger”.


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