Working Class Voters Eyeing UKIP As Polling Tips Surprise Northern England Wins


Nigel Farage has launched an attack on Ed Miliband, claiming the Labour leader is the “greatest spokesman for multi-national business” and that UKIP speaks for working class people. The comments came as rumours spread that UKIP possess secret polling showing them ahead of Labour in a number of seats in Northern England.

While the party is not revealing the seats in question, a UKIP insider told Breitbart London that Labour have “taken either eye off the ball” in a number of areas that were previously considered safe. UKIP bosses are now expecting a number of shock results on 7th May that will dent Labour’s dominance in Northern England.

So far the pundits suggested UKIP were in contention in Rotherham, Heywood and Grimsby. Labour responded by running major campaigns in the seats, hoping to thwart UKIP plans. However, there are now believed to be up to five other seats in contention, but they are not receiving support from Labour HQ as it’s unaware of the risk.

UKIP only holds two seats and these are in the heartland of Essex and Kent. A breakthrough in the north would demonstrate that UKIP can appeal to large numbers of former Labour voters.

Nigel Farage told the Daily Express: “I really think that traditional Labour voters, who care about issues like immigration and Europe, just cannot vote for Miliband. We represent the interests of working people who need a fair deal and five million small entrepreneurs in this country.

“We are speaking for those people. They have got nobody else to speak for them.”

He added: “What worries me more is his adherence to the new corporatism. It is as if Ed is the greatest spokesman for multi-national business. In my view an absolute betrayal of working class people.”


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