UN ‘Expert’ Calls Britain ‘Xenophobic’ for Border Control, Media Fails to Report His ‘Credentials’

Calais Road Sign
A B Sanderson

Peter Sutherland, the United Nations (UN) secretary general’s envoy on international migration has told the BBC that Britain is risking a “xenophobic” reaction to the Calais migrant crisis, by attempting to keep “economic migrants” out of the UK, and enforcing border controls.

But perhaps the news isn’t news after all? Most news outlets seem to be running the story without offering any further information into his background. It’d be like the BBC offering me up as a radio guest urging people to vote UKIP without detailing my employment history. Although such things aren’t uncommon, especially for Labour, and union activists.

So some “expert” on migration is warning that we’re all a bunch of filthy, stinking raaaccccisssstttsss. But come on, what did we actually expect from this guy, who is wheeled out by the big government, corporatist left whenever an asylum seeker gets his shoe stuck in a barbed wire fence?

Sutherland – who is the Chairman of corporate giant Goldman Sachs International, the International Catholic Migration Commission, and recently finished his tenure as the Chairman of the left-wing London School of Economics – said that the British government had “exaggerated and calculated to inflame tensions with regards to the numbers trying to come into Britain”.

“We are talking here about between 5 000 and 10 000 people in Calais who are living in terrible conditions,” he said.

It is hardly surprising therefore, that a man with his history of activism in this area, on behalf of world governance organisations as well as their multinational corporate friends, would be making such a statement.

The only surprise should be that somewhere along the line – in fact multiple times – he has been the recipient of taxpayer funding for outlining his ideological positions.

Sutherland has long held these views, one might argue that his history in big business, and therefore perhaps his ideal of cheap foreign labour, is no coincidence either.

He is a staunch advocate of open borders and free border movement of peoples, and has a long history in the European Union, the World Trade Organisation, large multinational corporations, and even sits on the steering committee of the not-at-all shady Bilderberg Group.

“There should be a fair allocation [of refugees] across EU countries,” says Sutherland.

But he sort of forgets one of the most important parts of the whole Western governance equation: the people don’t want it, no matter how much the corporates, and their mouthpieces, do.

And in that scenario, you could be the chairman of every major left-leaning, or corporatist organisation under the sun (and Sutherland very much is) and it wouldn’t, or at least shouldn’t make much of a difference.

That is in so much as the media accurately depicts who you are, so that people don’t come away thinking you were some impartial expert. Sigh. Maybe next time eh, guys?


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