Doctors Misdiagnosed Unborn Child as Severely Disabled, Advised Abortion


A mother has spoken of her fury at being advised by doctors to have an abortion after they incorrectly diagnosed her son as being severely disabled. She ignored their advice to continue with the pregnancy and now has a perfectly healthy three year old boy.

When Gemma Rodgers from Cumbernauld went for her 20 week scan she was advised by doctors at Glasgow Royal Infirmary that her son, Ciaron would be born with Spina Bifida, a severe disability. She was told that he would never walk, talk, or be able to take care of himself, the Christian Institute have reported.

But despite being advised by the medical team that she should consider having an abortion there and then, she decided to go through with the pregnancy.

“A mother’s instinct is always right, and I knew from the moment I was told he would be disabled that I didn’t want to give up hope on my son,” she said.

“I’m so glad I didn’t because he is perfect in every way. He is a real miracle and I am furious at the doctors who told me to get rid of him.”

Ciaran was born by Caesarean section weighing 5lb 13oz at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, and was taken away for tests for three days. Doctors said that he would need a shunt fitted to his brain and marked down in his medical notes that he had the severest form of Spina Bifida, but he has defied their predictions to grow into a perfectly healthy little boy.

At 15 months he learned to walk and he is even potty trained – something which doctors said would never happen.

“I would very much like an apology from the hospital,” Ms Rodgers said. “I could have terminated my pregnancy because of their warnings and I don’t see how they could have got it so wrong.”

“The moment I saw Ciaran walk was the best day of my life, it was amazing. Now as he gets older, I see he is just like any other child. He is a real miracle.

“I know doctors have a job to do, but they should be absolutely certain before telling someone to terminate a pregnancy.

A spokesperson for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, who run the Glasgow Royal Infirmary have denied that Ms Rodgers were advised to abort, telling the Daily Mail: “Our staff have a duty to discuss with the pregnant woman all of the available options which would include the offer of a termination. However, no pregnant woman would be pressured into making the decision to terminate a pregnancy.”

But Gemma is simply happy to have her son with her, saying: “Regardless, I’ve got the greatest son in the world and we our happy family feels complete.”

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