Another Migrant Killed by Train in Calais While Trying to Access The Channel Tunnel


An African male migrant was killed on the tracks near the Channel Tunnel mouth this morning as he was trying to illegally cross to the United Kingdom from France.

The man, who has been described by the tunnel authority as being of either Eritrean or Sudanese origin and possibly under 18 years old was struck by a freight train this morning at around 0200. reports the man is at least the 10th to have been killed in or near the tunnel since last June, as thousands of illegals camp out in Calais and attempt to sneak onto trains.

In one extraordinary attempt to enter the United Kingdom illegally, one Sudanese migrant managed to walk almost the full length of the 31 Channel Tunnel before being arrested by British police half a mile from the end. Others have been less lucky – in July the body of a dead migrant was found on the roof of a train after it had already travelled all the way from France to England undetected.

While the Eurotunnel group has been making efforts to improve their site security to keep illegals out, the sheer volume of people presently in Calais – thought to be around 3,000 – makes the job near impossible. Speaking to Breitbart London, a Eurotunnel spokesman said in July that it was now the job of European governments to take decisive action:

“…we are confronted with a migrant issue that is growing out of all proportion. The solution to this issue can’t be found by building another fence – it is about stopping the flow of migrants from their country of origin… all of the things that will stop this crises are well out of the hands of a private transport operator… they are in the hands of the British, French, and European governments, who need to find a solution.

“Locally we work with the French police on a very close basis to try and find the best organisation of resources to prevent migrant access, but we are confronted with such an enormous number of people it becomes impossible. They will always find another access point, or another tactic, every time a new barrier is put in front of them”.

Three months, and hundreds of thousands of migrants crossing Europe later, those governments are now considering changes which may hold the border of Europe – but there is little movement other than plans to spend even more money and to shift around some of those already arrived. Meanwhile in Calais, French riot police have moved in to clear the refugee camps  sprung up around the coastal town, firing tear gas and bulldozing the tent cities into the ground.

Breitbart London reported that some 400 people were moved on as camps housing Syrians, Eritreans, and other Africans were bulldozed. Some of those displaced attempted to board lorries heading for England, but were ultimately thwarted by the security services.

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