Britain’s Major Anti-EU Pressure Groups Unite Behind £1m UKIP Donor

The Know

DONCASTER, United Kingdom – Britain’s major anti-European Union forces are uniting behind the £1 million UKIP donor Arron Banks, following months of debates, discussions, and some heated rhetoric over who should run the “Out” campaign at the upcoming British referendum.

Banks, who was unveiled as a major UKIP donor during 2014, has been steadily building a campaign base in the form of ‘The Know’ campaign which is set to be renamed ‘’ this week. He now has the support of all the major ‘out’ groups, including the Campaign for an Independent Britain, the Democracy Movement, Global Britain and the Bruges Group.

Breitbart London can also reveal that the campaign is expecting to receive the official endorsement of UKIP during its party conference which kicks off today.

The news will come as a blow to the alternative campaign, Business for Britain, and its Conservative Party-linked bosses and campaigners. The group, set up by Matthew Elliott from the Tax Payers’ Alliance, and supported by Daniel Hannan MEP and Douglas Carswell MP, has struggled to gain momentum. Breitbart London understands that Business for Britain’s donors are now talking to Mr Banks about transferring their support to

Mr Banks told the Express: “It is very exciting to bring these groups together, particularly as they haven’t been the best of friends in the past.

“We are putting past differences aside to build a truly cross-party campaign for the people and not dominated by politicians.”You cannot win the referendum campaign from inside the Westminster bubble.”It is about giving the people the chance to join something unstoppable.”

Mr Banks’ group has also recruited top Washington, D.C. consultancy firm Goddard Gunster to assist with the campaign, adding more excitement to the out campaign. 

Banks said of the move, “We have done our due diligence and thoroughly investigated the top referendum and issue management firms in the world. Without question, Goddard Gunster ranks right at the top and they have the track record of success to prove it. Their experience and expertise running referendum campaigns in other jurisdictions will help ensure that citizens across the U.K. understand the important issues that will decide this vote. They bring fresh ideas and recognise the importance of making this a campaign about the issue, not personalities. They are without a doubt at the cutting edge of issue management and referendum understanding what the electorate want, I am sure they will help us win this battle.”

“As a firm with decades of experience winning referendum campaigns, Goddard Gunster is very well-suited to provide strategic support to on this critical referendum,” said Gerry Gunster, President and CEO of Goddard Gunster, Inc. “We look forward to contributing our unique expertise as embarks on this historic campaign.”



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