arron banks

Arron Banks

Arron Banks: UKIP Has Crashed the Car

Leave.EU founder and former UKIP donor Arron Banks has slammed UKIP’s leadership for “crash[ing] the car at the first bend” in Thursday night’s local elections, harming the legacy of Nigel Farage.

Arron Banks

Arron Banks: This Could Be the End for UKIP

UKIP’s biggest donor has warned the party could be on its deathbed, saying he is struggling to back any of the remaining leadership candidates. Arron Banks, who has given the cash-strapped party over £1 million in the past and contributed approximately

Arron Banks

Millionaire Donor Arron Banks Backs Kassam For UKIP Leader

British Businessman Arron Banks, a key supporter of Britain’s campaign to leave the European Union and a major donor to UKIP announced Saturday he would be backing Breitbart London Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam in his bid to lead the


Leave.EU Proves Cross-Party Credentials As 1000 Councillors Sign Up

The eurosceptic grassroots campaign group Leave.EU has signed up over a thousand local councillors from across Britain and the political spectrum in support of their campaign to Leave the European Union at the forthcoming referendum. The campaign already has, 270,000


Britain’s Major Anti-EU Pressure Groups Unite Behind £1m UKIP Donor

DONCASTER, United Kingdom – Britain’s major anti-European Union forces are uniting behind the £1 million UKIP donor Arron Banks, following months of debates, discussions, and some heated rhetoric over who should run the “Out” campaign at the upcoming British referendum.


Establishment’s ‘No2EU’ Campaign May Lose Eurosceptics The Referendum

As Britain gets ready to decide its future relationship with the European Union (EU), a major war has broken between two rival eurosceptic camps. Competing groups, led by Tory-confidant Matthew Elliott and UKIP donor Arron Banks respectively, have held unsuccessful secret talks about merging their