It’s Whittle! UKIP Selects Breitbart London Favourite As Mayoral Candidate

Peter Whittle
Peter Whittle

DONCASTER, United Kingdom – The UK Independence Party (UKIP) has selected its mayoral candidate for the London elections next year, choosing Breitbart London favourite Peter Whittle as the man for the job, as well as being number one on the UKIP Assembly Member list.

In August, Breitbart London‘s Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam wrote a “runners and riders” article, naming Whittle as the best placed candidate to represent the party at the elections in May next year.

He wrote:

Peter’s a thoughtful, small-c conservative based in London, and who has fought unwinnable London seats. He’s passionate about art and culture, and is known in Westminster for repeatedly taking the BBC and the establishment to task via his column in Standpoint magazine, and through his think tank, the New Culture Forum. I’ve known Peter for a long time, and the man has few faults. He can sometimes come across as aloof, but that’s nothing that a bit of media training couldn’t fix. He’s also interested in problem solving, and I reckon could mobilise the party base with a trendy, culturally focused campaign. He’s one of UKIP’s best, secret weapons – unafraid to say what often some frontline kippers are, about the media set, the idea of “Britishness” and he has led the charge for a memorial for Drummer Lee Rigby. He’s also an author. I’m going to give Peter a 9/10.

UKIP also announced the rest of its London assembly member list. The party hopes to have two assembly members elected, with optimists claiming the party can secure three.

The number two on the list is David Kurten, who Breitbart London tipped as an strong outsider’s tip, with the third being Suzanne Evans.

Speaking to Breitbart London, Mr Whittle said: “It worries me that London is seen more and more now as a marketplace. The economic divisions in London are getting worse and worse. A city, like a country, is about more than just money. And I think that’s something that I really want to emphasize.

“There’s always been a view that UKIP’s not London and vice versa. Nothing can be further from the truth and I think its even more so now, when Labour is moving to extremes.

“There’s a huge number of people that need a voice and that agree with us. So I see next year as being a major breakthrough for us in the capital.”

Nigel Farage said: “Peter has been an asset to UKIP for many years, and I am delighted to learn that the party has elected him as our candidate in the battle to become London mayor.”

The next on the Assembly list is:

2. David Kurten

3. Suzanne Evans

4. Lawrence Webbs

5. Peter Harris

6. Mike Read

7. Neville Watson

8. Piers Wauchope

9. Anne Marie Waters

10. Afzal Akram

11. Elizabeth Jones


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