EU ‘In’ Campaign Hires June Sarpong: A Conspiracy ‘Investigator’ Who Believes America Is Controlling The Weather

June Sarpong
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Who is June Sarpong, pictured above with Conservative Party peer Stuart Rose, who today helped launch the ‘Britain Stronger In Europe’ (BSE) campaign?

This morning, she called for “truth, not scaremongering and separation”, but there is some confusion as to why she had that role.

Ms. Sarpong was awarded an MBE for “services to broadcasting and charity” back in 2007, but is probably best known for her time as a presenter on Channel 4’s youth entertainment slot ‘T4’ which ended in the same year she received her award. Her website describes an interview with Tony Blair as “groundbreaking” and mentions the “unprecedented access” she was granted at the time.

Some saw the interview as Ms. Sarpong’s route to serious television journalism, but it never happened. She has been linked to the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme, ‘Newsnight’, albeit as a sporadic show-business correspondent, and most recently joined ITV’s ‘Loose Women’.

However, it is the programme Miss Sarpong worked on between 2009 to 2012 which is particularly interesting for those keen on “truth, not scaremongering and separation.”

As a regular “investigator” on TruTV’s ‘Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura’ she helped the former professional wrestler and Governor of Minnesota examine various conspiracy theories.

In an interview with Disinformation, she was asked about her role on the show. Ms. Sarpong said she was not a sceptic, nor an unquestioning believer, but a level-headed observer who made a decision about the conspiracy after the investigation. How that lands her in the BSE camp ahead of the conclusion of David Cameron’s euro negotiations is a matter for debate.

She was asked about which investigation she had worked on which opened her eyes to “something pretty scary going on”.

Ms. Sarpong said for her it was the episode when the team headed to Alaska to investigate whether the High Frequency Auroral Research Program (H.A.A.R.P.) installation is just a communications project or actually a weapon that can change the weather, shoot down satellites or trigger global mind control.

She told the interviewer that having tried without success to speak with the Air Force and the Navy, she was convinced by the son of the designer that it can actually do the things people speculate it can do which “the powers that be deny… it can affect weather, it can”.

Her belief that China and Russia possess the same weather-manipulating capabilities, and that the internet gives anyone the information needed to build their own mini H.A.A.R.P., may be why she concludes Britain should not withdraw from the European Union lest it leave us exposed to an as yet unidentified evil genius with a death ray.

She was asked about how she was hired for Ventura’s programme, and replied:

“They were looking for somebody that could produce and present, and somebody that could do harder hitting stuff but also the kind of fluffier stuff… and they wanted a girl and they weren’t able to, they were having trouble finding one and my agent kind of was like ‘actually I’ve got the perfect person for you’ and I went to meet them and got on like a house on fire and they offered me the job almost on the spot.”

No doubt the professional team which recruited her to help launch the BSE campaign today was more interested in her mind than her ‘Conspiracy Theory’ work.

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