Anti Mass Migration MEP’s Office Attacked AND Car Firebombed In The Past Fortnight

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A high profile, anti-mass migration Member of the European Parliament has had her office attacked by left wing radical thugs in Berlin, just under two weeks after her car was firebombed.

Beatrix von Storch MEP, a member of the Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) party which held a massive demonstration against German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s immigration policies yesterday. This is the second attack on Ms. von Storch in just over a week.

According to Die Welt, Mrs. von Storch’s office was pelted with paint bombs and rocks in the overnight attack. The state protection office has begun an investigation into the incident.

In a previous attack, Ms. von Storch’s car was fire-bombed by opponents angry at her criticism of Berlin and Brussels in relation to the ongoing European migrant crisis. Two neighbouring cars were also destroyed in that arson attack in a densely populated residential area in the middle of Berlin.

Ms. von Storch, 45, is the Duchess of Oldenburg, a distant relative of the Duke of Edinburgh, who trained as a lawyer and spent 10 years as an insolvency specialist before entering politics.

As Breitbart London has reported, her eurosceptic AfD party campaigns against mass migration and stands on a “more children for German families” platform.

After coming close to entering the German parliament soon after its founding in 2013, AfD won seats in last year’s European Parliament elections where it sits in the European Conservatives and Reformists Group alongside British Conservative Party MEPs.

It then won representation in five German state assemblies after widening its appeal with populist positions on law and order, immigration and traditional social values.


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