WATCH: Muslim Charity Trustee Claims ‘F***ing Jews’ Secretly Track Samsung Smartphones

Samsung smartphones

The claim that Jews track users of Samsung smartphones by implanting secret handset devices has been made in a video released by a trustee of a UK-based Muslim charity. Incredibly, the man who created and uploaded the bizarre Zionist conspiracy footage online has been allowed to continue to run the organisation after an investigation by the Charity Commission.

The Ghulam Mustafa Trust is run by a voluntary group based in Rochdale, in the north of England, with another outlet in Pakistan. It is a registered charity with the self-proclaimed aim to “prevent or provide relief to those who suffer from poverty”.

In the amateur video, the campaigner accuses Jews of using secret microchips in Samsung smartphones to track users’ photographs.

As he dismantles his new phone, the man says: “They [Jews] are recording every photo of yours on your battery. I’m seeing if they have on mine.”

Peeling off what appears to be a tracking system, he adds: “You should take that off because they are recording every photograph of yours, these f***ing Jews. You should take this off. Look at that, they should not be on your phone battery.”

In spite of the vile anti-Semitic smear in the clip, which was originally posted online as far back as June, the Charity Commission merely demanded that the video be removed from Facebook without any penalty against the Ghulam Mustafa Trust.

The commission simply asked the charity to improve its bureaucracy by adopting a social media policy, review offensive postings and to agree on a code of conduct for the charity’s trustees. The commission said:

“Earlier this year we engaged with the charity on this matter and made clear that the posting of the video on the charity’s website was wholly inappropriate, and unacceptable for a trustee to do so.

“We raised concerns about whether the trustees had complied with their duties and brought the charity and its reputation into disrepute.

“We took immediate regulatory action in terms of requiring a number of steps to be taken regarding its Facebook account and we have an ongoing monitoring operation to check compliance with this.

“Failure to comply with these steps could lead the Commission to take further action.”

The statement added: “Our powers to remove trustees from charities are currently limited. This is why we have asked for new powers – which are currently before Parliament in the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Bill. The Bill will, for example, enable us to act where personal conduct affects fitness to be a trustee and it is in the public interest for us to act.

“Our regulatory engagement with the charity continues.”

Jonathan Sacerdori, Director of Communication at the Campaign Against Antisemitism, insisted it will be referring the Charity Commission’s decision on this matter to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.

 “David Cameron has spoken about how ‘ideas based on conspiracy that Jews exercise malevolent power’ contribute towards dangerous extremism,” Mr. Sacerdori said.

“Yet here we see the charity commission leaving a trustee in place running a charity, when he has personally made and spread exactly such a conspiracy theory via online video and social media.

“We know also that more and more Islamist extremists are influenced by social media videos and other content. Regulatory bodies like the Charity Commission have to use the powers they have to show this behaviour is totally unacceptable, rather than feebly giving actively antisemitic trustees a free pass.”

As Breitbart London reported in June, Asghar Bukhari, the founding member of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACK UK) was ridiculed after suggesting Zionists were breaking into his home to steal his shoes, leaving one behind to “let me know someone had been there”.

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