Nightclub Accused Of Racism After Ejecting Migrants For Harassing Female Customers

Nightclub Migrants

A German nightclub has found itself at the receiving end of angry pro-migrant campaigners after exercising its door policy to protect lady patrons from unwanted attention.

The ‘Brucklyn’ nightclub in Bad Tölz, Germany took the precaution of refusing entry to a group of migrants last Friday night, citing concern for the well-being of the women inside the club. The action has caused such concern in Germany that an emergency meeting between the local mayor, police, district administration and representatives of the club has been called, reports Suddeutsche Zeitung.

When a group of pro-migrant locals saw the foreigners being turned away, they decided to aggravate the situation by verbally abusing the doormen, calling them “Nazi pigs” and accusing them of racism, reports

The club moved to defend its position, citing the previous bad behaviour of migrants on their premises and complaints from female clubbers. Writing on their Facebook page the proprietors explained that earlier in the year they had allowed the first migrants to arrive in the town into the club, but after a number of incidents the door policy was changed.

The management claims migrants harassed women customers, following them into toilets, calling them “whores”, and pestered them for sex. The mayor of Bad Tölz has called their reasoning “crap”. He told the proprietor instead of a blanket ban on migrants, they should instead only ban individuals after they had attempted to sexually harass other customers.

Pro-migrant campaigner Hamado Dipama was also opposed to the club door policy, telling journalists: “It is totally unacceptable to punish a whole group because of the actions of a few people – that is the definition of racism.

“It is absurd for them to treat people who come from so many different parts of the world as refugees do as if they were the same. It would be bad enough if they treated people who came from one country as if they were all the same”.

In another post on the nightclub Facebook page last night, the manager doubled down on his position, telling would-be drinkers that should they feel the need to argue with him about his door policy, they could expect to find themselves banned at the establishment too.

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