Liberals Use Christianity to Attack Conservatism, Setting #youaintnochristianbruv Trending

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Liberals have taken to Twitter to tell the Prime Minister, David Cameron, #youaintnoChristianbruv, setting the hashtag trending in the UK. Mr Cameron used his Christmas message to affirm that Britain is a Christian country, but liberals, many of whom are not themselves Christian, have accused him of failing to show sufficient Christian charity to the poor.

Yesterday the Prime Minister used his annual Christmas address to highlight the suffering of Syrian refugees and to praise the British armed forces fighting Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Britain is a “Christian country”, he said, adding that Christmas was a time to “celebrate the birth of God’s only son, Jesus Christ — the Prince of Peace.

“It is because of these important religious roots and Christian values that Britain has been such a successful home to people of all faiths and none,” he added.

But socialists and liberals jumped on his words as an excuse to attack conservatism.

The hashtag parodies the #youaintnomuslimbruv, which went viral after a man shouted the phrase at a Muslim terrorist midway through a knife attack in an east London underground station. Mr Cameron later hailed the man, known only as John as he fears reprisals from Islamic State over his remark.

“Some of us have dedicated speeches and media appearances and soundbites and everything to this subject, but ‘you ain’t no Muslim, bruv’ said it all much better than I could have done.

“Thank you, because that will be applauded around the country,” Mr Cameron said.

Others have parodied Cameron’s appeasement of Muslims, and failure to stand up for Christians persecuted at the hands of Muslims both at home and abroad.

The few conservatives on Twitter have looked on with weary incredulity…

… including Breitbart’s editor-at-large, Ben Shapiro, who pointed out the base misrepresentation of Christianity which the hashtag encapsulates:

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