WATCH: Raheem Kassam Talks Migrants On BBC Daily Politics: ‘Let Them All In? Uncle Tom Cobley And ISIS?’

Breitbart London’s Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam appeared opposite left-wing Anglican ‘vicar’ Giles Fraser on Tuesday to discuss Cologne and the effects of mass migration into Europe.

Over the past month, German attitudes towards Chancellor Merkel’s mass migration plan have turned on their head. Whereas a majority previously supported Mrs. Merkel, she now finds herself facing opposition from most of the country, a change primarily sparked by the mass migrant rapes and sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

Mr. Fraser asserted that he wanted to open Britain’s doors to all migrants, from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan – but he didn’t state the facts: many of the migrants are also coming from Kosovo, Somalia, Eritrea, Albania, Serbia, and Pakistan.

Mr. Kassam asked, “Why not proper background checks [for “refugees”]

Mr. Fraser responded: “I don’t think that’s practical”.

Mr. Kassam said in reply: “So just let them all in? Just open the floodgates. Let them all in. Uncle Tom Cobley and ISIS?”

Mr. Fraser replied: “Yes”.

You can watch the full exchange above.



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