PEGIDA UK Tells National Front and BNP They Are Not Wanted At Birmingham March

FaceBook/Tommy Robinson

Anti Islamisation movement PEGIDA UK has published flyers instructing far right groups to “stay away” from their “silent walk” in Birmingham this February, and insisting PEGIDA is racially inclusive.

PEGIDA UK was launched in January last year by a group including Tommy Robinson, the ex-leader of the English Defence League (EDL). He also announced yesterday that PEGIDA will be distributing stickers for participants to stick over their mouths, encouraging them to remain silent.

Because of Mr. Robinson’s historical association with the EDL, a group which he has admitted became “infiltrated by the far right”, critics have assumed PEGIDA UK will attract the same controversial followers.

However, this morning Mr. Robinson tweeted “an important note regarding the upcoming PEGIDA UK march. A silent protest against Islamic extremism”, along with a new flyer clearly instructing the BNP and National Front to “stay away”.

The appearance of National Front, fascist and white power flags, and even Nazi salutes, at a demonstration in Dover this weekend shows racist Neo Nazis are still active in UK today.

“No parties or other groups are permitted to distribute literature or display banners at our silent march”, the PEGIDA flyer reads.

“Anyone who takes issue with standing side by side with people of all backgrounds against radical Islam, please stay away”, it continues.

Adding: “Please respect these rules and help us make PEGIDA UK a success. Those who do not respect these rules will be removed by stewards.”

PEGIDA UK’s first event is scheduled for the 6th of February in Birmingham as part of a pan European expansion of the movement out of Germany, where it began. Simultaneous events will take place in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland.

PEGIDA in Germany has been defined by its peaceful, passive, family friendly nature, and the choice of Birmingham for the UK event — a city which is more than 14 per cent Muslim and 26 per cent Asian — has raised some eyebrows.

“It needs to pass off peacefully if we’re going to give normal people a voice,” Mr. Robinson told Breitbart London at the UK launch last year. “And if we were going to Birmingham city centre that would be impossible”.

“But,” he said, “because of the location we have chosen and because of the discussions we’ve had with the police I believe we will keep it quite. It’s in the middle of nowhere — car parks everywhere — and its nowhere near an Asian area”.

“However, its the Police’s job to make sure nobody comes to attack us. We have chosen to be away from any problems, but we can’t do anything about left wingers who might want to cause us problems”, he added.

In the press conference Mr. Robinson said that alcohol and face coverings would be banned. “I am expecting some of the good people from the EDL to show up,” he admitted later. “Not all of them were what you think. But a lot of people in the EDL hate me now, and hopefully they wont be there.

“They are the elements who hated Jews, believed in Zionist conspiracies, and were opposed to immigrants from wherever they are from. They will not be welcome in Birmingham.”


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