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French MPs to Vote on Tough Anti-Terror Law

PARIS, France — French lawmakers will vote Tuesday on a tough new counter-terrorism law designed to end the country’s two-year state of emergency, though critics say it will expand police powers at a cost to civil liberties.

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Netanyahu Phones Macron to Congratulate Over Win

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday called Emmanuel Macron to congratulate him on his victory in the French presidential elections and pledged to work closely with him.


National Front Official: Brexit, Trump Give French Reason to Vote

LYON, France (AP) — Britain’s decision to leave the European Union and the election of U.S. President Donald Trump have given the French a “reason to vote” because it can result in real change, the top lieutenant for French presidential


France’s Le Pen To Campaign for Brexit During UK Visit

Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s National Front is to travel to London to campaign in favour of Britain leaving the European Union (EU). She will be joining disgraced former UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson, who was ejected from the

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PICS: Nationalists Clash With Hard Left In Dover… 13 Arrests

A march by various nationalist groups in Dover ended with the burning of the European Union (EU) flag, with organisers shouting: “Send that to Merkel”!  Britain’s National Front group, alongside affiliated organisations, planned to march through Dover on Saturday afternoon to protest the


Nationalist Vs. Hard Left Showdown Over Migrants Planned In Dover

An alliance of nationalist groups is planning a demonstration in Dover this weekend, dubbed “Stop the Fakeugees and Gimmigrants”. They will be met by numerous ‘Anti-Fascists’ and ‘Anti-Racist’ groups – hard left protesters with equally, if not more violent histories. The event will be


Islamic State Makes French National Front Its ‘Prime Target’

The Islamic State terror group has used its French language propaganda vehicle to announce that Marine Le Pen’s National Front is now a ‘prime target’ for their next atrocity. In a picture published at the weekend in their online French language

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Rise Of The Right: Financial Crisis Aided Eurosceptic, Nationalist Movement

Political parties promoting nationalism and fiscal responsibility always benefit electorally from a financial crisis, a German think tank has claimed. The think tank examined the results of more than 800 general elections in 20 advanced economies, documenting the rise of the

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Marine Le Pen Eyes Gains In Depressed French North

DENAIN, France – The northern French town of Denain has been a left-wing bastion for generations. Not any more. The feeling that mainstream politicians have failed runs high amid the 20,000 inhabitants of a place where the poverty rate, as

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Huffington Post: The Real Threat Is the European Right

On Tuesday, The Huffington Post attempted to spin Islamic radicalism in Europe as a secondary threat to both Europeans and Jews. The primary threat? As their headline put it, “Far-Right Parties On The Rise Across Europe.”

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Slate: Marine Le Pen’s Far Right Seize the Moment in France

Jonathan Laurence, and associate professor of political science at Boston College and nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, writes in Slate that Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s National Front political party, is “ready to seize the moment” after Wednesday’s Islamist massacre at the offices of satire magazine Charlie Hebdo.