Father Pleads With Austrian Governor And Police To Protect Daughter From Migrants

This picture taken in Vienna on September 6, 2012 shows a sign of the Polizei, Austria&#03

The father of a 16 year old girl pleads with an Austrian Governor and Police to protect his daughter in a powerful letter that describes the everyday fear young women have of migrants.

“My daughter is 16 and is afraid when she needs to use the Linz train station in the evening, we have now had to form a carpool with other parents,” writes the father whose name is Franz according to the paper. According to Kronen Zeitung the man sent a letter to the Governor of the Austrian province of Upper Austria explaining the extreme fear his daughter has of the train station because of the migrant men who hang out there every day.

“Our daughter is learning to be a hairdresser in Linz. She must regularly go through the station in the evening. She told us that she’s scared because on her way many young foreign lads are there,” Franz wrote in his letter. After the Cologne attacks on New Year’s Eve some train stations are reported to have become a den for migrants who routinely sexually assault young girls.

The letter continues: “My wife and I took a look at what is happening on the ground, went to Linz and the same way as our daughter and we have to say that she has not exaggerated, it was unfortunately worse than imagined,” adding, “even though we were there for three quarters of an hour, we heard no police and saw no police presence. I’ve asked around, supposedly there are not enough officers. After 8pm only five police officers were there. In a country like Austria, it is not acceptable, that our children have to be in fear on the way to work and back home.”

Kronen Zeitung investigated the security of the station and also found it to be incredibly lax. Though there are police and security, there are clearly not enough since the various groups of migrant men continue their behaviour with little or no consequences. It is primarily North African migrants like the ones in Cologne and in Stockholm that are said to be the ones carrying out the harassment and sexual assaults that happen daily.

Even the next door parking garage has become a drug dealing location with migrant drug dealers not caring about security cameras that were recently installed.

OBB, the Austrian state owned railway gave a statement saying: “Especially on the late night trains there are always passengers that ask our security to accompany them on the platform because they are so afraid.”

So far there has been no direct reply from the Governor of Upper Austria, Josef Pühringer, who belongs to the conservative Austria Peoples Party (OVP). The governor has previously taken a hard line against north African migrants, telling Austria’s ORF that he wants to see the Federal Government start immediate talks with North African countries to deport troublemakers as soon as possible.

However, the European Human Rights court may block such actions even if such migrants have links to the Islamic State, as Breitbart London reported was the case in Ireland last month.


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