Merkel Faces ‘No Confidence’ Calls If She Fails To Find A European Deal For The Migrant Crisis

Dan Kitwood - WPA Pool /Getty Images

The chairman of the centre-right Free Democratic Party of Germany, Christian Lindner, said Angela Merkel’s credibility will be “badly tarnished” if she fails to win a European deal for the migrant crisis at the next European Union (EU) summit, such that she should have to ask the Bundestag for a vote of confidence in her government.

“We cannot simply ignore the remarks of Horst Seehofer [Chancellor Merkel’s coalition partner who has expressed concern at the amount of migrants since last year],” Mr. Lindner said, “the massive quarrels and deep distrust paralyse the entire government in one of the greatest tests to our country.”

As more party members within the ranks of the ruling coalition express doubt in the ability of the chancellor to lead Germany through the crisis, Mr. Lindner remarked that there was a need for the German people and the German government to have clarity on how many politicians within the Bundestag still support the chancellor and her failed policies.

“Either she has the confidence of her coalition, and so may continue their current policy, or she doesn’t,” he said.

There are very few politicians in Berlin and elsewhere in Germany who seem to agree with the way the migrant crisis has been and is being handled. Many like Lindner are pushing hard for a European solution to the crisis, but with the actions of states like the Visegrad 4 bloc of Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic (V4) simply rejecting the idea of taking in any migrants, the plans are falling apart.

The next EU summit in Brussels will occur this Thursday and Friday and was originally scheduled to focus entirely on the looming possibility of a British exit from the union as polls continue to grow in support of Brexit. Migration has been tacked on to the agenda, by Mrs. Merkel and the last remaining true believers of her policies, in order to try and force through what is seen to be their last attempt at a European solution to the migrant crisis.

Many European leaders like the V4 have seen the horrors of violence, sexual assaults and crime that has plagued Germany since the crisis began last year and have no interest in importing it to their own countries. As Breitbart London reported, one of Chancellor Merkel’s last true believers went so far as to say that the chancellor would “convert” the misogynistic migrants, perhaps in an attempt to relieve the cautious attitudes of the new Eastern Bloc.


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