Massive Sweden Bound Haul Of Grenades And Automatic Weapons Seized

grenades and ammunition
John Moore/Getty

A Turkish citizen, a Swede and a man from Serbia have been arrested after a massive shipment of grenades and automatic weapons destined for Sweden was uncovered.

Grenade attacks linked to migrant gang warfare have become a familiar occurrence in parts of Nordic nation. There were 30 grenade explosion in Malmö in the first half of 2015, and 25 explosions in the city in 2014.

A car containing 59 hand grenades and five machine guns, along with ammunition and magazines, was intercepted at a customs check Slovenia this week. The weapons were concealed in various locations around the vehicle.

The principal suspect is a 32-year-old Serbian man, who was arrested along with a 25-year Swede and a 17-year-old who is a citizen of both Turkey and Finland.

The men have been charged with aggravated larceny and handling automatic weapons. The 25-year-old also stands charged with serious drug offences.

According to the prosecutor at the International Public Prosecution Office in Stockholm, the weapons offence are particularly serious and should be seen “as part of an operation that has taken place systematically, with the intention… and extensively.”

According to Fria Tider, the prosecutor also said that the holding and transfer of the weapons was “intended to take place in a criminal environment where there is particular reason to assume that the objects can be used for criminal activity”.

The guns, grenades and ammunition were “held in vehicles in public places” making the crimes of a “dangerous nature” they added.

Under two weeks ago two Swedish police stations were evacuated after suspected “sharp” hand grenades and dynamite were found inside the buildings.

Two hand grenades were discovered in the reception of the first station in Ystad, southern Sweden. Later on the same day dynamite was unexpectedly handed in at a station in Sollentuna, near Stockholm.


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