Leaked Police Document: More Migrants Means More Crime

More Migrants

German police anticipate continuing growth in the rate of offences against the person, criminal damage, theft, and drug offences in line with rising migration according to a leaked internal paper.

According to the document, federal and regional officers all expect that the continued mass migration of people from Africa, the Middle East and central Asia to Germany will lead to higher levels of crime.

They fully expect that criminal trends like sexual attacks, violence, property damage and drug offences will greatly increase. The paper has come from the simply named “immigration” unit, tasked with dealing with the migrant crisis and operating out of Dusseldorf.

The fears of attacks on migrant centres in response to migrant crimes by right wing radicals are also though to be likely to grow as well as the crisis continues.

Called Challenges and Police Impact, the report is a risk analysis of the migrant situation in Germany. Experts from across regional and federal agencies have given their own input on how to deal with security and enforcement of the law in regards to the mass influx of migrants. The scope of the report is to “draw attention to possible negative developments of safety and critical aspects of tasks performed by police,” and figuring out what police need to adjust and focus on to make sure migrant crime does not spiral out of control.

There is a tremendous burden on police forces due to the manpower needed to look after and direct migrants around the country, as well as to monitor newly built asylum accommodation. In countries like Sweden where policing of these facilities has been more hands-off, they have become a den of drug offences and sexual violence toward women and minors as well as ever growing violence toward sexual and religious minorities.

A confidential management report in North Rhine-Westphalia gives a glimpse into how overburdened police are with officers being called 93,000 times to 314 separate asylum accommodations for reports of varying degrees of criminality. How often the police had to come out to resolve disputes or make arrests in the 4,500 municipally run asylum homes and camps is not covered in the report, however.

The document also mentions that almost every other time the police are called to an asylum lodging it is to deal with thefts, vandalism and disputes that often turn violent. Cultural, ethnic and religious conflicts fuelled by lack of space, lack of privacy and what is called a “substantial” consumption of drugs and alcohol is believed to lead to many of the disputes becoming violent in the centres.

Authorities are also concerned about Islamist organizations like ISIS recruiting dissatisfied migrants in the centres who could be radicalised and even commit terrorism along the lines of the attacks in Paris last year. As Breitbart London has reported, Islamic State commanders have been found at migrant homes and the radical Islamic philosophy of Salafism is continuing to creep into the homes spread by radical Islamic preachers.


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