VIDEO: PEGIDA’s Tommy Robinson Attacked In Street By Muslim Man: ‘Are You Racist!?’

British PEGIDA leader Tommy Robinson has been attacked in the street by a Muslim man demanding to know if he is, “a racist”.

The video, which was caught live on Mr. Robinson’s Periscope page, shows him being approached in a car park by a man in full Muslim dress, demanding to know whether Mr. Robinson is “racist” or not.

Mr. Robinson explained the incident to Breitbart London, stating that he was going to a builder’s warehouse in Bury Park, Luton when he was “beeped at” by a man in a car and ushered over.

“That’s when I started recording [on Periscope],” Mr. Robinson explained, “Coz I knew what it was gonna be”.

The video shows a man getting out of a car, urging Mr. Robinson to “jump into my car”.

At that point, Mr. Robinson refuses, stating, “I’m just going about my business, working bruv”.

After a few seconds the man exits the car, asking repeatedly, “Are you racist? Are you racist?”

Mr. Robinson replied, “I don’t like Islam” – to which the man asks, “Why?” before slapping the phone out of Mr. Robinson’s hands and allegedly (off camera) proceeding to punch him repeatedly in the face.

Mr. Robinson can be heard shouting, “I’ll say what I want… you’re in England, if someone wants to say something about your religion… your religion says stuff about me as a non-Muslim”.

The pair can be heard arguing over who took the first “cheap shot”.

People then exited the shop Mr. Robinson was going to, breaking up the pair.

“Someone’s funding you,” the unidentified Muslim man says, before Mr. Robinson picks up the phone and stops the broadcast.

Breitbart London understands Mr. Robinson will be reporting the incident to the police, though his hopes that they will pursue his alleged assailant remain low.


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