Men-Only Swimming At Public Luton Pool A ‘Cultural Thing’

A public swimming pool in Luton is holding gender-segregated swimming sessions on a Friday, with staff stating it is a “cultural thing”. Bathers were given sudden notice that from the 29th of July the competitive pool at Inspire Sports Village in Luton


Luton Islamic School Reported After Putting Female Teachers Behind Screens

An Islamic school in Luton has been reported to Britain’s Education Secretary and the equalities watchdog, after teachers insisted on segregating themselves from the opposite sex behind a screen, even as an inspection took place. Ofsted, the government inspector, has previously found


Four Luton Men Arrested By Anti-Terror Police

Anti-terror police today arrested four men from Luton, England, on suspicion of being involved in the “commission, preparation and instigation of acts of terrorism.” The pre-planned arrests of the four men in their 30s, conducted in a joint operation by the Metropolitan

Acts of Terrorism