Green Party: Block Anyone Who Opposes Transgenderism From Public Office


The leader of the Scottish Green Party has claimed the UK Independence Party is institutionally racist and implied that anyone who does not accept transgenderism should be blocked from public office.

Patrick Harvie (pictured), formally the ‘co-convener’ of the Scottish Greens and a Member of the Scottish Parliament for Glasgow, argued that political parties should not select candidates perceived as being “transphobic,” despite the fact a Green parliamentary candidate was labeled “transphobic” just last year.  

Completely unprompted, when merely asked if there was “anything else [he] wanted to say”, Mr. Harvie told Pink News during an interview:

“The only other thing really is the acceptability of candidates who oppose our community’s equality. I would like us to get to the point, and I know it’s not going to happen in this election, but I would like us to have all parties treating homophobia, transphobia and biphobia as seriously as they treat racism or misogyny.”

He then accused the UKIP of systematically accommodating racists, and implied the party is guilty of the all the above “phobias” by immediately launching into the following tirade.

“With the except of the far right, UKIP and BNP, a party would kick a candidate out for expressing racist views. The same approach is taken for sexual violence. We should have the situation where LGBTI people are treated the same and it’s not seen as a special conscience matter, where if you want to treat same-sex couples differently under the law that’s okay…”

“…We need to recognise that this is not a special conscience issue any more than racism or sexism is not. This is a matter where all political parties need to be accepting equality.”

The concept of transgenderism is based on the idea that gender is unrelated to biological sex, which stems from left wing poststructuralist queer theory.

Anyone who disagrees, putting biological reality before left wing social theory, is frequently labeled “transphobic” and “bigoted.” A charge which would see them cast out of public life if Mr. Harvie has his way.

However, it is quite easy to respect and uphold the rights of people who consider themselves transgendered, whilst not accepting the ideological tenants of their ‘identity’ or their chosen definition of what constitutes a man or a woman.

Just last year, the Green Party’s own parliamentary candidate for Cambridge, Rupert Read, was asked to step down when he was labeled “transphobic” for arguing in an academic article that transgender women were “a sort of ‘opt-in’ version of what it is to be a woman”.

Mr. Read, a committed feminist, said he belied that womanhood was, at least partially, a biological phenomenon and said the insistence on calling all non-transgendered people “cisgender” “troubled” him.

The Green Party’s youth and feminist wings were also criticised by feminists this year, when they insisted that all female members would be known as “non-males”.

They said that erasing the word “women” would be “inclusive” for the confused, the transgendered and “non-binary” people — who consider themselves somewhere in the middle.


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