‘No Evidence Needed’ to Report ‘Transphobic Hate Crime’

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has held a “public consultation” and issued “revised” guidelines on “hate crimes” and “transphobia”, which are likely to result in ever increasing numbers of people being dragged through court for speech crimes.

Pakistani transgenders carry placards as they rally to mark World Aids Day in Karachi on November 30, 2013. World AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1 every year to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and to demonstrate international solidarity in the face of the pandemic. AFP PHOTO/Asif HASSAN (Photo credit should …

Model Dropped From Big Brother House After ‘Islamophobic’ Comments

Model Jasmine Lennard has reportedly been dropped from the Celebrity Big Brother House 2017, after producers accused her of making Islamophobic and transphobic comments. The 31-year-old Lennard — best known for her modelling work and as a reality TV personality

Celebrity Big Brother - 1st Eviction

Green Party: Block Anyone Who Opposes Transgenderism From Public Office

The leader of the Scottish Green Party has claimed the UK Independence Party is institutionally racist and implied that anyone who does not accept transgenderism should be blocked from public office. Patrick Harvie (pictured), formally the ‘co-convener’ of the Scottish Greens and a Member of


Bishops Slam ‘Transgender Jesus’ Play Performed In ‘Diverse’ Church

A play depicting Jesus Christ as a transgendered woman has been performed in a consecrated and active Church of England church in Manchester. Bishops have slammed the spectacle as “contrary to Christian teaching” and “inappropriate”. The play, ‘The Gospel According

Transgender Jesus

8,000 Sign Petition Accusing Brewer of ‘Transphobia’

British independent beer company Brewdog are the subject of an angry anti transphobia petition after they released a promotional video featuring their founders dressing in drag to raise money. As part of a large campaign to raise capital to expand