Islamist Cop Killer’s Facebook Livestream: ‘Kill Police… Politicians… Journalists… Rappers… Kill Them in The Name of Allah’

The Facebook live stream video shot by Islamist killer Larossi Abballa who murdered two French police officers and then indulged in a rant against the West has been released in edited form by the media arm of Islamic State.

In the video, taken after Mr. Abballa had stabbed senior French police officer Jean-Baptiste Salvaing and cut the throat of his wife and fellow police member Jessica Salvaing, Abballa calls on fellow Muslims to attack the West.

Shortly after he finished live streaming his rant to Facebook, Abballa was himself killed by French special operations officers as they stormed the house, discovering the body of Mrs. Salvaing, and their unharmed child. In a section of the live stream cut from the video by Islamic State propagandists, Abballa wonders aloud what he should do with the child now he’s killed both of the parents.

Speaking to the camera, Mr. Abballa opened his tirade by declaring loyalty to Islamic State and its Caliph, the brutal dictator who leads Islamic State and is a prime target of Western air strikes. Abballa said: “In the name of Allah I pray on the prophet who has sent mercy to humanity. I pledge allegiance to Abu Bakir al-Baghdadi, may god save him”.

Ranting on the poor state of modern Islam, which Abballa accuses of having become too comfortable with the Western world, he continues: “My Islamic nation, how did this happen? How did we get here?”

“We are being governed. We are now implementing the laws of the land before the laws of Allah. What happened to you? Why do you distance yourself from Allah… god says if you don’t fight for my sake, I will replace you with another people. This is why we are a falling nation.

“Why do you hate death? It is a commitment that the believer should fulfill. Muslims, what is the best way to practice now? To study sciences, or to raise the word of Allah by the sword?”

Calling his fellow Muslims to violence, Abballa, himself recently released from prison following a terrorism conviction, particularly addressed those Muslims presently behind bars, remarking: “We have reached a point where those who killed the prophet greet Muslims [by saying] ‘good Ramadan’!

“A message to my brothers in prison, in France and elsewhere. Be patient and be strong. It is Allah who put you in a shelter from many bad things in order to keep you near him. Be patient, patience is beautiful.

“My brothers, attack the guards in prison even if the guard is called Mohammad. Kill them, because they are serving the tyrant, even if their name is Mohammad or Ayesha.

“To the Muslims in France, make France shake. Fight for Allah and his superiority… obey and fulfil the call of the Islamic State who said if you are dead, you will find your way to paradise by the side of the prophet… in this moment in paradise, there will be nothing to fear.”

Calling on believers in the prophet to value jihad higher than their own families, Abballa explained: “Don’t think about your family, your loved ones. Don’t think about your wives because it is worthless at the end of time, in paradise, forever. Allah already said if you prefer your kids, wife, parents, friends, then punishment is sanctioned. Allah described everything that can be an obstacle.

“Allah already said if you prefer your kids, wife, parents, friends, then punishment is sanctioned. Allah described everything that can be an obstacle. Allah makes everything in order to distinguish people. So follow Allah to find out who are your enemies, and who are your allies.

“Allah makes everything in order to distinguish people. So follow Allah to find out who are your enemies, and who are your allies.”

Yet Abballa’s most violent demands were yet to come. After calling on Muslims in prisons to attack their guards, he gave a more detailed list of those public figures who had targets on their backs for killers: “Allah said, fight the infidels. And thanks to Allah, I Just killed a policeman and I killed his wife.

“I’m calling on you to kill policemen. To kill police, prison guards, journalists. Yes! You hear me, attack journalists. Especially journalists. These are the enemies of god. Kill them.

“Kill them! Kill them! Kill them! In the name of Allah, they are insulting the prophet, they are insulting our religion.

“Kill the mayors of your cities, kill the representatives in parliament. It is very simple, you just need to wait for them in front of their homes and offices. Policemen, journalists, we are going to wait for you everywhere!

“I call my brothers to attack rappers. They are messengers of Satan. Kill them, these people deserve to be sent to hell. Rappers, you should know we are coming for you as we came for this policeman, in front of his home.”

Also in the sights of Larossi Abballa was the government of France and the Euro 2016 football tournament. Abballa laughed off Europe’s attempts to close down mass migration of Muslims into the continent, remarking “as you close your gates, we open the gates of Jihad on your own soil”. Of the football tournament, he said it “will be a cemetery… we will have no mercy”.

Abballa’s final critiques were for “moderate Muslims”, who he warned would be “punished” by Allah, and for Imams of moderate mosques. Criticising them for teaching a different interpretation of Islam, he blasted: “What are you saying? Jihad is an obligation! The original obligation. Muslim lands are occupied. It is obligatory for every Muslim to relieve Islam”.

Just before the video ends, Abballa’s final recorded words before he was shot dead by police marksmen were: “That’s it, the police are around me. I’m keeping some surprises for them. And I’ll do it with the help of Allah. Those who are in contact with the Islamic State, tell them that I obeyed the call. That’s it, my brothers. Call Allah to help me. Call Allah to accept me as a Martyr”.

Since the killing, French and Belgian police have been working to prevent further terror attacks, including mass casualty actions against the Euro 2016 tournament, leading to the arrest of 12 over the weekend.

Two associates of Abballa were charged with terror offences on Saturday afternoon for having links to a terror group. It is not thought they were directly involved in the Abballa killing, reports Radio France Internationale.

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